Universal Topcase Carrier - Alu Rack (FIXED HINGE)

Hepco Becker

Rs. 7,900.00 
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Universal Alu Rack for Top Hard Cases by Hepco Becker

This is a universal base for Hard cases by Hepco Becker. This is where the top case is slided and locked to on your bike. 
What does this do: This is the plate that locks on to the rear rack of most bikes. So if you have a bike that already has a rear rack you could install this on top of that to be able to fit Hepco Becker cases to it. 
For the most stable possibility please select you bike specific Rack ( Alu or Easy Rack)
If you select the bike from the menu bar you would see if there is a bike specific rack for your bike. If not this is the base plate that would fit all the Top cases by Hepco Becker. A bike specific rack would be sturdier than this.

This part already includes Assembly parts for mounting on existing luggage racks. 

Installation Manual