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Grip Puppies

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Grip Puppies Handlebar cushions 

As simple as effective: the "Grip Puppies“ are designed for you motorcycle handles. They can be easily pulled over the standard handles, without the need to be removed or treated. The material is soft grip, absolutely comfortable grip, slip-resistant grip and lies perfectly in the hand grip. Vibrations of the handlebar are significantly reduced and due to the larger circumference of the grip and handles more comfortable. The material retains its consistency, even in long terms.

The facts about Grip Puppy:

  • Material thickness 38 mm.
  • Material neoprene.
  • Length 12.7 cm.
  • Suitable for a handle circumference from 3,17 cm to 3,68 cm.
  • The Length is shortable.
  • Can also be used with heated grips.
  • Reduced vibrations.
  • No removal of the original handles necessary.
  • Perfect comfort.
  • Very good grip comfort.


  • GRIP Puppies

Brand:- SportTouring UK