Screen Wind Deflector - Ergo 3D (232*82)


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Wind Deflector

Model :- Ergo 3D


  • 232 mm Width * 82 mm Height


  • Clear
  • Smoked

The main problem with any original screen is that the upper edge cannot be adjusted to cater to individual needs, and to eliminate buffeting and turbulence. We took the principle of screen add-ons, and significantly improved upon it.

Recommendation: If you are happy with the height, width and other proportions of the original windshield but are bothered by
turbulence, we recommend using this spoiler.


  • Multiple adjustments for individual needs: Angle, height and distance to rider.
  • Optimum stress relief for helmet and upper body.
  • Removes turbulence and disturbing wind jets otherwise present.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Fast attachment and removal from screen.
  • Strong and secure attachment method.
  • Lightweight precision CNC-machined adjustment mechanism.
  • High quality anodised aluminium alloy.
  • Shatter-proof Lexan deflector screen.
  • ABE approved for use with original BMW screens.


  • Clear  WL 42350-001
  • Smoked  WL 42350-002


  • Wunderlich, Germany


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