Main or Pilot jets for Carburettors

EBC Brakes

Rs. 500.00 

Listing is for both Pilot and Main jets. Just email us and we can get back to you!

A-BAX Precision Engineering Ltd MAINJETS Made in the UK, these high precision BRASS carburettor jets are available in dealer selection kits or in top-up packs of 5 jets or 4 jets. All jets are flow calibrated and extremely accurate in terms of fuel flow rate as stamped.

How To Make Precision Pilot Jets

Everyone knows how sensitive an engine is to pilot jets in the acceleration stages from 1000 to 3500 rpm and getting fuel mixture right in this area is critical. For this reason jets have be perfectly accurate in their marked size and incremental size steps. This year EBC Brakes sister company A-BAX Precision Engineering Ltd in the UK has purchased the most accurate machine on the planet for this work shown below. A-BAX Precision Engineering Ltd pilot jets are precise, clearly marked and reliably gauged using pin gauges, accurate to one tenth of a thousandth of an inch, you can rely on their accuracy.


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  • A-BAX Precision Engineering Ltd Pilot Jets for Mikuni Carbs (Sold in packs of 4)
  • A-BAX Precision Engineering Ltd Pilot Jets for Keihin Carbs (Sold in packs of 4)
  • Dealer Pilot Jet Selection Kits (Kits include one pilot jet per size)