Kawasaki Z800 Protection - Frame Sliders


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SKU: LSL 550K144.1

Kawasaki Z800 Frame Sliders Assembling Kit with Crash Pads

Options of :-

  • With adaptor plate for more energy dissipation

Crash Pad 

The crash pads by LSL are intelligently produced to dissipate energy and damage while looking elegant!

They come with impact insert which works like a suspension mechanism. Through this the impact is subdued, thus relieving bracket and screw construction. This feature protects the motorcycle on the fastening points of the Crash Pads effective area from damage.

LSL's "Crash Pad" mounting kits are CNC machined from aircraft grade billet aluminum. These mount kits are developed for the specific needs of each model. For example the GSXR1000 mount kit, (video below) was developed in conjunction with Suzuki Germany, under racing conditions, to reinforce the frame (at the motor mount) to prevent frame damage in the event of a crash.

LSL Crash Pad Stress Test 3D Simulation. 

This simulation shows how the pad insert flexes under impact. The flex of the insert reduces the forces on the mounting brackets and your frame. Incident records of many years confirm this function



  • The sliders are available in different colors and as spares. Please make a note  of the colors of the slider you would like!

Part Number:-  

Adapter plate:- LSL 550Y120.1

Brand:- LSL