Kawasaki Ninja 650 Carrier Topcases - Movable Hinge (Easy Rack)

Hepco Becker

Rs. 19,650.00 
SKU: 6612516 01 01

Easy Rack black Kawasaki Ninja 650 By Hepco Becker

Available on PreOrder or with Our Dealers

  • Special carrier to mount every Hepco & Becker Top case (except of Orbit)
  • Same function as the Alu rack top case carrier, but you can turn down the upper bar, if you sometimes don't need the Top case 
  • Incl. mounting kit and manual
  • Specific design to each motorcycle
  • Aluminium Easy rack adapter and high quality steel tube main bracket
  • Also for use of soft bags; All-around fastening options for Luggage straps
  • Not suitable for side cases, only for Hepco&Becker Top cases

Part Number:- 6612516 01 01

Brand:- Hepco Becker Germany