Leg Pouch / Thigh Pouch


Rs. 6,890.00 
SKU: WL 44880 000

Black Leg Pouch Bag

  • Wunderlich has developed a great new way to keep all of your important items within hands reach with an innovative leg pocket.
  • Thanks to the adjustable belt and leg strap it sits safely and comfortably on the thigh, without disturbing your riding comfort.
  • Water-resistant and dimensionally stable
  • 26 cm x 19 cm.
  • Available for left and right.
  • An additional outer pocket can hold your phone, insurance papers etc..
  • Made of abrasion and fade-resistant CORDURA. L + R sold separately. 

    Part Number:-

    • WL 44880 100 
    • WL 44880 000

    Brand:- Wunderlich