BMW S1000RR Ergonomics - Throttle Lock


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SKU: WL 35720-001
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BMW S1000 RR Throttle Lock

  • This version of our very popular Throttle Lock was developed especially for the S1000 RR and it is a direct replacement of the original left and right bar end weights.
  • A throttle Lock is a simple but effective cruise control solution. On long rides, the throttle hand can become tired and cramped. With the Throttle Lock installed this becomes less of a problem.
  • By turning the adjustment wheel, the Throttle Lock applies pressure onto the end of twist grip and the force of the throttle return spring is reduced or eliminated.
  • The adjustment wheel has wide spaced teeth that allow easy turning of it even while wearing a glove, so it can be dialed in to exactly the required pressure. To disable, the adjustment wheel is simply turned in the other direction and in a matter of seconds the twist grip returns to normal function.
  • The shape of the weight is like that of the left side so a symmetrical appearance is retained. Installation requires only basic tools and very little effort.

Please Note: Fits up to 2011 model year only! 

    Part Number:- WL35720001

    Brand:- WunderLichAmerica