BMW R1200R Ergonomics - Side Stand Enlarger


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SKU: WL 32420-402
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Life insurance for the BMW: The tiny foot that comes with the original side stand means that your motorcycle will sink into hot tar and any other surface that is less than 100% solid with alarming ease – if this happens it can quickly get very expensive.

This precisely machined extension plate, which can easily be bolted to the existing side stand, eliminates the effects of this design fault once and for all.

The facts:

  • Safe support for the machine on all surfaces.
  • Compensates for the leaning angle of the motorcycle.
  • Surface area increased by more than 100%.
  • 8 mm thick Dural aluminium.
  • Rustproof anodised black.
  • Rust protection for the original stand plate.
  • Cut-out for original foot lined with vibration-absorbing foam rubber.
  • CNC machined
  • Easy to fit.

This product fits to :

  • BMW R1200R 16 and onwards
Part Number:-
  • WL 32420-402

Brand:- Wunderlich Germany