BMW R NineT Protection - Throttle sensor cover


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SKU: 26800-002
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Throttle Sensor Cover (EVO-R)

The throttle sensor on the left is not exactly attractive. It is also at risk because it protrudes so far that even with light impacts (e.g. from your boot) it can be seriously damaged.

With this robust and light aluminium cover, the unattractive sensor is out of view, the intake pipe is integrated into one unit and both the sensitive throttle sensor and the connections are well protected.

Silver anodised aluminium.

Including fitting kit.

Please Note: from model 2010 only suitable without original cylinder protector!

This product fits to :

  • R nineT (2017 - )
  • Wunderlich, Germany


    • Black WL 26800-002
    • Silver WL  26800-001