Clamps AUX Led Lights - Fork Tubes

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LED Lights Fork TubeClamp Kit (Black)

NOTE: These clamps donot fit on Ducati Diavel and Triumph Scrambler.

OYA Inverted Fork Tube Auxiliary Light Mount For 30-54mm Diameter Tubes
This OYA Fork Tube Light Mount Kit allows fitment of any OYA LED Lights to inverted forks, or any tube 30mm-54mm (1.18"-2.12") in diameter. These light mounts have a unique oval inner profile that allow the clamps to securely grip a wide range of tube diameters and include an optional, fully rotatable mounting shelf to create a super versatile and robust light mounting solution.

These clamps are intended for motorcycles with exposed inverted forks such as enduro, dual sport, and naked motorcycles. The clamps allow lights to be mounted in front of or to each side of the fork tubes to ensure clearance with fairings and other accessories. The clamps are also perfectly sized to clamp to the lower legs of conventional forks, typically found on many cruiser and standard motorcycles.


Does not fit-

  • Ducati Diavel
  • Triumph Scrambler 2018-


  • Adjustable grip range (30mm-54mm)
  • Rotatable mounting shelf allows 4th axis of adjustability
  • Lights can be mounted to shelf or directly to clamp
  • Accepts M6 bolt from light pod
  • Billet aluminium with black powder-coated finish


  • 1x mounting clamps
  • 1x rotatable mounting shelves
  • Assembly hardware