Xplorer Side case Inner bag

Hepco Becker

Rs. 5,350.00 
SKU: 700513

Xplorer inner bag for side box Hepco Becker


  1. Inner bag for 30L side case
  2. Inner bag for 40L side case

Hepco & Becker inner Bag for Xplorer Aluminium Side Cases. Make your aluminium cases ready for an expedition.

  • Suitable for use with Xplorer Aluminium Side Cases (30/40 litres)
  • Secure fastening to the mounting points on the case lid
  • Volume expansion
  • Material/colour: 95% Polyester/Black
      Per Order: One pc. ( You would need two for a set of side cases)
      Part Number:-
      • Inner Bag for 30L Side Case:- 700513
      • Inner Bag for 40L Side Cases:- 700514


      • Hepco & Becker Germany