Tank Bag 07L Elephant Tour - Black+Silver


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Wunderlich Tank Bag Elephant Tour Edition

The compact, robust, long-lasting companion for tours and trips. For drivers who need complete freedom of movement, but who want to have everything easily at their hands and/or who place their belongings mainly in their suitcase/topcase.

The facts:

    • 7-litre capacity.
    • Maximal use of space, shellproof support and protection of the paint through use of a base plate
    • One-time quick fastening to the vehicle with additional security during heavy strain or loading.
    • Can be removed from the tank with a handle.
    • Size (approx. 20 x 28 cm), card slot with soft, robust sight window (approx. 16 x 19 cm) made of PVC foil.
    • Water-repellent zippers with gripping zip action.
    • Water-repellent cable bushing or electrical leads, such as the handy charging cable, etc.
    • Strengthening from within through hard PVC deposits for optimal form stability prevents buckling.
    • Water-repellent, fluorocarbon-impregnated CORDURA fabric. Also coated on the inside. Highly durable, non-abrasive, can't bleach out.
    • Particularly adhesive underside material, which perfectly suits the tank and prevents the base plate from slipping.
    • Additional carrying system: Can be used with the enclosed carrying straps as a backpack or a shoulder bag.
  • Available with side plates of covering fabric (silver) or true carbon fabric with a transparent PVC coating.
  • Delivery including container
  • Made in Europe
  • Note:Delivery is without the contents pictured.

    This product fits to : Model - R 1200 GS LC(2013-)
                                                       R 1200 GS LC Adv.(2014-)