Topcase 54L Orbit Series

Hepco Becker

Rs. 15,999.00 
SKU: 610290 00 01

Orbit Top case 54 L by Hepco Becker

Orbit Topcase is specially designed to fit:- 

  1. Alu Rack (although not on the easy Racks)
  2. Comes with an plastic universal plate included with the order but you can upgrade to an Alu rack at a lower cost when buying with Orbit cases!

Colour: Black

Futuristic and functional appearance, 3D cover and all-in-one lock concept make this top case indispensable for your next road trip.  The big technical innovation is definitely the all-in-one lock solution.  It takes just one key to open the lid and unlock the top case with the base support.  The TC52 ORBIT can be combined ONLY with our Hepco & Becker aluminum rack and is easily placed and clicked tight - a breeze to handle. It can be optionally upgraded with a rail or back cushion. We also offer a floor mat that gives luggage a soft place to sit.

  • Top case made of black, highly impact- resistant plastic
  • Futuristic“ design with distinctive surface structures
  • New all-in-one lock concept that's easy to setup - Just set the top case down and click it in
  • 3D logo panel that 
  • Naturally watertight!
  • Carrying handle integrated into the cover shell
  • Room for 2 helmets and more 
  • Incl. keys and locks

Like all Hepco Becker Products these are 100% German Made using High Quality ABS Plastic and with 5 Years Manufacturer Warranty on all purchases


Optional : Top Luggage rail or back cushion available

Capacity 54 Liters
Weight: 4.6 kg
Dimensions W x H x D: 61 x 45 x 34 cm

Mounting Notes: 

Read this if you have Hepco Becker Racks only!

  1. The "Alu Rack" Top Carrier rack hinge would need to be removed for Orbit Topcases!
  2. For universal installation the Base plate is already included in the order!

    Instructions: -

     Universal Adaptor rack

    Part Number:- 

    • 610290 00 01


    • Hepco & Becker Germany