KTM Duke 790 Carrier - Sports Rack

Hepco Becker

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KTM Duke 390 Rear Rack Hepco Becker

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    • The rack is 100% steel and plastic powder coated
    • 100% designed and made in Germany

    Fitments that would work on your Sports Rack!


    The sport rack allows you bag storage space on your super sport motorcycles. Wherever possible, by trying to use the rear cowl rather than the pillion seat the sports rack smartly finds luggage mounting space.

    The Sport-Rack can be easily opened by means of a vehicle ignition key. The all-round fastening options for luggage straps provides a secure hold for all items of luggage. There are a lot of things you can do with the sports rack!

    The looks blend right in to the bike and the drivers fun remains undisturbed by the secure attachment of the luggage directly behind the driver.

    Their is literally no change in the riding dynamics because of the position of the luggage being right behind the rider.

    As a standard Hepco Becker Policy:-

    • The mounting points used are the existing ones on the bike so no alteration needs to be done on the bike.
    • All necessary bolts and parts are included in the kit.
    • Like most Hepco Becker Installations, the installation manual would suggest how easy it is to install the parts on your own.
    • All products are backed up Hepco Becker 5 year support



Part Number:- 6707569 00 01

Brand:- Hepco Becker Germany 

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