Crash Pad Heads for LSL Frame Sliders


Rs. 4,990.00 
SKU: 550-002XX

Crash Pad Heads for LSL Frame Sliders

LSL-Crash Pad is a combination of shiny ­aluminium with a replaceable plastic insert.

Some of the features:- 

  • Alloy part is machined and has a very smooth surface (Anodised or powder/transparent coated)
  • Rounded shape prevents the pad hooking into the tarmac or street surface.
  • Plastic insert reduces the impact when the bike falls over and slows the bike down when it is sliding.

In the case of a small crash simply replace the plastic insert for repair. The backward located “touch-down” area, of the plastic inserts steers the bike whilst it is sliding, preventing the bike from spinning. There is less risk of overturning and thereby reduced damage to the bike. A 3D computer simulation shows the basis of the ­design concept and shows colourfully the force/impact the pad absorbs. Incident records of many years confirm this function.

Part Number for Aluminium Frame Sliders:- 

Aluminium Anodised Sliders:

  • Black, Titanium, Silver & Gold
Aluminium Powder Coated Sliders:
  • Yellow, Orange, Signal red, Green & White

Aluminium Transparent Coated Sliders:-

  • Red & Blue
Aluminium Dip Coated Sliders:- 
  • Carbon 

Aluminium Chromed Sliders:-

  • Chrome ( L550-002CR)

Plastic Black Frame Sliders (Not Aluminium):- 

  • Black ( L550-002PT )