BMW F800 + F650 - Brake Fluid Reservoir Holder


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Brake Fluid Reservoir Holder :

The dangling reservoir that comes with the F 800 R seems to be mounted in jelly. This is annoying and isn’t really in keeping with the solidity that the bike otherwise radiates.

This protective cover kit fixes the reservoir in a vibrationdamping rubber mounting.

Please note: after 22.000 kilometres there was no apparent negative impact on braking performance. Nor could we see any advantages from this mounting beyond a reduction in the risk of the reservoir shearing off in the event of a crash. However, BMW sees the original
mounting as a technical requirement and will disclaim any liability.

Only compatible with original pad.

Complete fitting kit (easy conversion).

This product fits to :

F 650 GS (2008 - )
F 800 GS ( - 07/2012)
F 800 R ( - 2011)