BMW R1250GS Ergonomics - Handlebar Cross-Strut


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Wunderlich Handlebar Cross-Strut:

The high quality silver handlebar made of aluminum has a diameter of 12 millimeters, the surface is glass bead blasted. In addition to the emphasis on offroadtypischen appearance, it also serves as a perfect base for attaching accessories. The attachment of the center strut on the handlebar is done with elastic Reduzierhülsen, so that a decoupling of strut and handlebars is ensured. Thus, in particular electronic devices can be mounted vibration damped.


The facts:


  • Vibration-damped clamping, secure hold
  • Serves as the base for all kinds of accessories like GPS, Roadbook, Tripmaster, Mobile, etc.


  • Aluminum, turned, milled, glass bead blasted, black
  • High quality crafted
  • Decoupled, vibration-damped attachment

    Brand : Wunderlich