BMW R1200GS Luggage - Top Bags for Railings


Rs. 13,990.00 
SKU: WL - 44160-200

The facts:

  • Four straps for a secure hold on our topcase rail.
  • Holds 15l content
  • Quick fastening by means of durable velcro fasteners.
  • Top-applied zigzag rubber for quick shooting of gloves etc.
  • Internal reinforcement for optimum shape stability.
  • Light inner lining ensures more clarity and nothing can disappear in crevices.
  • Ergonomic zip zippers.
  • Water resistant, teflon coated CORDURA fabric. High-strength, abrasion-resistant and extremely UV-resistant.
  • Ergonomic carrying handle.
  • Low weight.
  • Made in Europe.


  • Wunderlich, Germany