Skene P3 Rear Lighting System

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Increase your safety with brake lights triggered by rapid deceleration!

 Motorcycles slow down very quickly when engine braking or downshifting.  Drivers behind often fail to recognize the slowdown because no brake lights are triggered. Skene Lights has added a decelerometer option to our P3 rear visibility systems that recognizes rapid deceleration and triggers the brake light flash sequence without the rider ever activating the brake lever! The deceleration system combines microprocessors and proprietary algorithms within a small controller to monitor your bike’s speed and direction.  It even recognizes hills and leans, adjusting automatically to avoid triggering the brake lights unnecessarily.

Decelerometer versions offer the following in addition to the programmable tail light, brake light and emergency flasher capabilities of all P3 Rear Systems.

  • 5 sensitivity levels (plus "off") to adjust to your bike, riding style and conditions

  • Levels are changed with the brake lever, no software, cables or wiring needed

  • Tip Over Flasher - in the event that the bike goes down on its side, the controller will automatically flash the lights to draw attention.  Lights revert to normal operation when the bike is upright.

  • Fully CAN-bus compatible, as are all Skene Lights products

  • Easy installation with small separate controller and lights to allow flexibility


P3 Rear systems with Decelerometer Braking

Complete rear visibility systems to supplement your bike's rear lighting.  The systems Include the controller, a pair of very bright red LED modules, mounting hardware, wire connectors and a detailed installation manual.   

Available with and without turn signal capability.  Fully compatible with all makes and models including those with CAN-bus systems.

P3 Installation information


Standalone Rear controllers with Decelerometer Braking

The new controllers are also available by themselves.  A standalone IQ-260-D controller is perfect for riders who want deceleration braking on stock tail and brake lights.

Riders who already have a P3  or P3-TS (with Turn Signals) system installed can add the new decelerometer features by swapping out their existing controller for the IQ-260-D or IQ-260-D-TS controller.  No change in wiring needed.

Instructions for Controllers with the Decelerometer