Yamaha YZF R1M 2Slide Rear Set


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SKU: LSL 118Y137 + 118+SW
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Yamaha YZF R1M 2Slide Rear Set Onwards 2015

2Slide Rear Set

  • Thorough testing and race track development led to the now well established LSL adjustable rear set the 2Slide. Its design reflects the status of technology in the world of racing.
  • The position of the pegs can be adjusted longitudinally by 4 positions whilst the height can be shifted in two slides, hence the name to the product. The pegs are short and have a rough knurled surface for extra grip.
  • The gear lever is designed in a banana-shape to avoid shifting during active cornering movement. The length adjusting of the gear shift rod is achieved through interchangeable distances.
  • Many 2Slide rear sets can be changed to revers shift position just by turn the gear shifter other models need a modification kit. Most 2Slide rear sets can also be used with a quick shifter.
  • In this case a special gear change rod has to be mounted. For reverse or quick shifter version plase contact our sales team.
  • Offset X; 4 positions, 10mm offset each
  • Offset Y: 2 positions with 10mm offset

Part Number:- LSL 118Y137

With Black mounting piece:- LSL 118Y137 + 118+SW
With Blue mounting piece:- LSL 118Y137 + 118+BL
With Golden mounting piece:- LSL 118Y137 + 118+GO
With Red mounting piece:- LSL 118Y137 Standard
With Silver mounting piece:- LSL 118Y137 + 118+SI

Brand:- LSL