Triumph Tiger Explorer Brakes - EBC Vee-Rotors Contour

EBC Brakes

Rs. 16,000.00 

EBC Brakes VR842BLK Black Vee-Rotors Triumph Tiger Explorer (2012-2015)

Colors:- Blue, Black, Red, Gold

  • Full floating Vee-Rotors offer an exciting new lightweight rotor with an exciting range of color options
  • Features EBC's square sided drive button system to completely eliminate the chance of rotor warping, extend rotor life, and improve braking consistency
  • The braking surface is made from heat treated stainless steel and tempered back to the optimum hardness
  • EBC has worked long and hard on choosing the exact correct hardness and temper procedure for their brake rotors
  • Under hardened rotors will wear out prematurely, while over hardened can crack over time
  • Product Dimensions:- 14 x 14 x 1.5 inches

                Part Number:- 

                Vee-Rotor Front (Neets Two Pairs) :- VR842BLK

                Brand:- EBC Brakes