Triumph Speed Triple (1050) S/R Tank Bag - Magnetic Tank Ring

Hepco Becker

Rs. 5,200.00 
SKU: HB 506001-6
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Triumph Speed Triple (1050) S/R Tankring Lock-it 2016

  • The innovative patented Tank ruck sack befestigung- FidlockThis solid Tankring allows the attachment of a Lock-it tank bag from Hepco & Becker.
  • Included is a stainless steel tank ring, and the counter-holder which is bolted individually to the tank bag.
  • The fuel tank cap can be opened with mounted Tank ring without problems continue.In general, you only need these Tankring and a tank bag from H & B and they have everything you need.Each model specific Tankring is deposited at each motorbike model.
  • If no Tankring be deposited,You can also find out manually using the checklist, if a tank ring is available for the desired model: Checklist
  • Safe Stop, mechanical / magnetic latching
  • Easy handling Magnetic centering
  • Refined appearance
  • Simple but effective mechanism
  • Suitable for over 200 models for attachment to the filler neck
  • Fidlock patented
  • Shielded magnetic, safe for credit cards and electronic equipment

      Part Number:- 5067548 00 09

      Brand:- Hepco Becker Germany