Handlebar 28.6mm Tour - XB3 | Aluminium | Black/Chrome | (1.1/8th Inch)


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Tour bar type XB3 aluminium

X-Bar 28.6mm in clamping range / 22.2mm at bar ends

  • X-Bar the name says it all. This new LSL handlebar, with 1 1/8“ diameter in the area with the highest loading, offers twice the bending resistance of a standard 22mm handlebar.
  • These handlebars are made out of the high-strength alloy 2014 T6. The bar gives less flexibility and offers more tensile strength in all extreme situations.
  • Diameter:- clamping range: 28.5mm / bar end outer: 22.2mm / bar end inner: 14mm

Part Number:- 128AXB3

Brand:- LSL