TFI Unit for Harley Davidson V-Rod 12-15 - PREORDER


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TFI Unit for Harley Davidson V-Rod 12-15 :

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  • As we all know fuel systems are mapped by the factory to be lean in everyday driving conditions in order to meet emission standards. When we change the exhaust, air filter or make any other modifications which has a better volumetric efficiency, this will lean out the fuel even more. The only way to adjust the fuelling and get the optimal setting on your fuel injected bike is to use a “fuel unit” like the TFI electronic Jet-kit. The TFI unithas several advantages: simplicity of adjustment, (no computers are required or any complicated spread sheets, no internet downloads) small dimensionss for easy mounting, great price.
  • Part for Harley Davidson V-Rod 2012-2015.
  • Quick and easy to mount does not require any modification.
  • Complete with everything needed for installation and complete with instructions.