Soft Bag Accessories By GiantLoop

Giant Loop Moto

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Accessories for saddlebags By GiantLoop

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Traveler Shoulder Strap

  • The Traveler Shoulder Strap is Giant Loop’s universal clip-on luggage strap for hands-free carrying to your hotel or campsite.
  • Clip it to your Columbia Dry Bag and you have two straps for a backpack carry for adventures off the bike.
  • Can be used with Giant Loop’s Rogue Dry Bag, Tillamook Dry Bag, Kiger Tank Bag, Fandango Tank Bag, Diablo Tank Bag, Siskiyou Panniers, Great Basin Saddlebag, Coyote Saddlebag – and just about any other bag.

Giant Loop Mounts

  • SOLD AS SET OF 2. Stamped and coined heavy gauge stainless steel quick mounts bolt onto bike, keeping straps away from hot exhaust headers, shortening straps
  • Lengths for maximum stability and speeding installation of Giant Loop Saddlebags, Panniers, Dry Bags and Tank Bags.

Possibles Pouch

  • The universal Possibles Pouch™ adds 2-liter easy access storage capacity to Giant Loop saddlebags and panniers and any other secure attachment point on virtually any motorcycle make or model. Includes 2 webbing and thumb-lock buckle straps.
  • FENDER BAG: Possibles Pouch + Rubber Boa Straps = fender bag -for dirt bikes
  • ENGINE GUARD BAG: Possibles Pouch + 20″ Pronghorn Straps= crash bar bag for adventure bikes
  • Named for the leather pouches carried by frontier explorers to keep critical gear, or “possibles,” in one handy location. The Possibles Pouch is perfect for the many relatively small, lightweight motorcycling essentials: 21″ front inner tube, snacks, beverages, gloves and tools.

Hot Springs Heat Shield (includes stainless clamp)

  • Don’t get burned! Giant Loop’s ingeniously simple and effective exhaust shield protects bags and bodywork from heat damage.
  • The Hot Springs Heat Shield helps avoid the meltdown, preventing bags and side panels from touching your bike’s exhaust.
  • It’s the lightweight, universal heat problem-solver for virtually any motorcycle exhaust system. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Highly recommended for the MoJavi Saddlebag, and as additional protection for dual exhaust motorcycles using all Giant Loop Pannier and Saddlebag systems.


Part Number:- TSS15

Brand:- GiantLoop