Handlebar 25.4mm Roadster - L01 | Steel | Chrome/Black | (1 inch)


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SKU: 163L001.1CR
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Roadster type L01 steel 1Inch (Chrome/Black)

1" Steel Handlebars

  • For a long now LSL offers strong made handlebars in 1-inch diameter in different shapes. Handlebars in this dimension are typically mounted on Harleys and new retro Triumph models.
  • All steel bars are made out of precision steel tube with 3mm wall thickness. This layout offers strong bending resistance and less vibration for heavy and wide Chopper bars.
  • Differing wall thickness, which is stronger in the area of clamping and getting finer towards the grips, offers perfect bending resistance.
  • Diameter:- outer: 25,4mm / inner: 19mm

Part Number:-

  • Chrome:- 163L001.1CR
  • Black:- 163L001.1SW

With HD Dimple:- 

  • Chrome:- 163L001.2CR
  • Black:- 163L001.2SW

Brand:- LSL