Handlebar 25.4mm Roadster - A01 | Aluminum | (1 inch)


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SKU: L162A001.1MS
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Roadster type A01 1Inch Aluminum

1" Aluminium Handlebars

  • Getting the only producer in Europe, LSL enlarged this handlebar program by versions made out of high tensile aluminium.
  • Different shapes from sports bar to wide Flat Track style are made in this craftsmanship. Differing wall thickness, which is stronger in the area of clamping and getting finer towards the grips, offers perfect bending resistance also these bars are made out of aluminium.
  • Surface is either high polished with strong colours or sand-blasted in silver or black.
  • Diameter:-outer: 25,4mm / inner: 18mm



Part Number:-

Aluminum with 3 Hole Slot:- 162A001.1MS

Aluminum with 4 Hole Slot:- 162A001.4SW


Brand:- LSL