Suit AirAll - Jacket


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SKU: R-770122 720-B 46"
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  • Knitted Cordura :- AFT plus ( breathes better ) - Woven Codura and lighter weave so more air flow
  • Knitted Cordura :- AFT with two layer strengthening on the elbow region

Mesh is majorly sufficient only for holding the Armour in place. It really does not protect you!. With Codura Air Flow technology the strength and airflow is achieved. 

CORDURA® AFT (Air Flow Technology) fabric is a highly breathable collection of knit constructions with enhanced abrasion and tear strength. Targeted applications include: outdoor, athletic, and safety footwear, durable mesh applications often found in backpacks and luggage, as well as performance apparel such as motorcycle and outerwear garments. The CORDURA® AFT fabric collection has been expanded to include high tenacity polyester and nylon 6,6 fiber offerings in a wide array of knits and 3D/spacer fabrics.

Benefits of CORDURA®

  • High Breathability
  • Enhanced tear and abrasion resistance
  • Capable of foam, felt, or 3D mesh lamination
  • Suitable for soft inner lining applications as well as outer / shell fabrics
  • Stylish durability and excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Available with water repellent treatment and PU lamination technology 


Massive Size - Molecular !

  • Rukka D3O® Air limb Protectors meet the requirements of CE Level 1
  • Pocket for Rukka D3O® Air All back and Fullback protector 
Special Features
  • Air Meshed Jacket is extremely breathable
  • Jacket has a connecting zipper to trousers
  • AFT Plus material on sides and sleeves
  • Collar with velcro closure
  • Adjustable sleeve ends and width adjustment on upper arm and hem
  • Reflecting transfer prints on sleeves, chest and back. Pipings on sleeves, chest and back
Five pockets in total:-
  • Two front pockets
  • One watertight pocket inside left lower pocket,
  • Two napoleon pockets on the lining
Size -
46 to 66
  • C1 ( Short)
  • C2 (Standard)
  • C3 ( Long) 
Brand -
Rukka, Finland