Kawasaki Versys 1000 Carrier - Rear Enlargement

Hepco Becker

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SKU: 8002523 00 01
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Model specific Rear Enlargement Kawasaki Versys 1000 By Hepco Becker

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Stable HEPCO&BECKER premium Aluminium enlargement plate for extending almost any luggage rack.

For riders who would like to keep the tail light and with low centre of gravity. The Hepco Becker Enlargement plate has raised edges and additionals holding points that make the extension ideal for carrying even larger luggage rolls, travel cases, tents duffels and more...

  • High quality german aluminium production
  • Premium matte black or silver finish
  • Fastening options for luggage straps
  • Easy assembly with all the necessary parts to install the rack to the bike


Enlargement Sizes Available:-

  • Big :- 48/39 * 28 cm
  • Small :- 41/31 * 27 cm

Finish Available:-

  • Silver
  • Black


As with all Hepco Becker parts

  • The rack is 100% solid german aluminium !
  • 100% designed and made in Germany
  • It is made specifically to fit the bike
  • Elegantly made to ensure the look and feel with the least amount of intrusion
  • All products are backed up Hepco Becker 5 year support


Optionally you could also go for the mini rack incase you need something that’s smaller. Here is how the mini-rack by Hepco Becker looks like

Part Number:- 8002523 00 01

Brand:- Hepco Becker Germany