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MARSTON DOMSEL  Silicon Gasket Sealant

The high-quality single component silicone sealant vulcanised at room temperature. Excellent cold, heat and Alteru Ngsbe ¬ Stand ¬ digkeit with an extended range of applications.

  • Optimum thanks to water hardness speed (3 mm per 24 hours).
  • Economical in use.
  • Easy to use
  • In four different colours (Black, Aluminium, Transparent/Red).
  • Red to + 300 °C temperature-resistant.
  • Oxim - No corrosion and odour-neutral. 

Areas of Use:
Automotive industry (oil sump, gear), fridge industry, marine industrial, campervan extension, many aspects of the home, tractors construction, engine and electronic industry, Turbinen and core power plants, industrial machines and gear box construction, miners, can be dry and Petrochemische, gas, water and electricity works and many more uses.

MD SIL is a high quality, 1 - Komponentiges sealant to at room temperature with a silicone rubber Ausvulkanisiert. MD SIL remains elastic, which has excellent window display, high adhesion and can be therefore is dynamic loads such as shocks and vibrations. MD SIL Simple replacement from a standard, solid material seals and can be used universally. MD Silver has a very high temperature Beständgkeit -60 °C to + 230 °C, Red up to + 300 °C.