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Aux LED Long Range "Optimus"

Aux LED Long Range "Optimus"

Rs. 26,900.00

Long Range Optimus LED Auxiliary Light for Motorcycles by Cyclops Adventure USA

The Optimus Prime is truly "lighting evolved". Prime Drive The More Powerful and Long Lasting LED The Optimus Prime with Prime Drive drives the LED more efficiently while managing heat levels. This means more light from the LED and a longer lifespan. This is advanced LED technology in action. Electronic Thermal Management ETM monitors the heat output of the LEDs and makes use of integrated Pulse Width Modulation circuitry in order to maintain safe operating temperatures in order to prolong the LED life span to its full 50,000 hour potential.

  • 883 ft of usable light from a set of two * 10 watt Lights! 
  • LED Driving Lights, advancing lighting technology to the next level. 
  • IRIS Reflector Technology 3.5" tall (Standard 55 watt low beam headlight reach of 88 ft. and a standard 65 watt high beam reach of 153 ft)
  • Low thermal heat
  • Low Power Consumption
Beam Spread Options:
The Long Range lights are available in three beam pattern options 
  • 10 degree lights provide the most distance 
  • 20 degree lights offer very good distance and a bit more fill than the 10 degree
  • The combo kit is one 10 and one 20 degree light,(Use this setup on a Motorcycle with the 20 degree on the left hand side for an extremely good lighting setup.)
  • 60 degree lights are also available on special request (Wide Flood)
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Wire Harness options- 
  1. Cyclops products have very high quality wire harnesses. Several versions are available to suite your needs. Motorcycle cable is Included with this order. 
  2. The Skene dimmer option offers the user several different operating levels from 0 to 100% in 10% increments.
  3. With the Skene unit you can use your existing headlight switch to operate the high and low beam with no other switches required, chose the single pole handle bar switch option if you would like to turn the lights completely off while riding. 

Optional Accessories:-

The Skene wiring offers: -
Pulse Width Modulation
The Optimus Prime utilizes integrated Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming circuitry to manage heat levels. PWM works by flashing the LED at a frequency faster than the human eye can detect, reducing the time that the LED is operating while still delivering 100% light output.

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