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Legacy Leather Care By Hepco Becker

Legacy Leather Care By Hepco Becker

Rs. 1,800.00

Legacy Leather Care By Hepco Becker

Made out of Heavy duty Canvas and leather

  • Benefit from our years of experience with a variety of materials We attach great importance to the quality of materials and processing, so this bag collection to its name.
  • However, the lifetime of each product also depends on the proper care. The mix of linen and leather requires a special dedication to care, to prolong the enjoyment of the product.
  • Tips for cleaning: Recommended is exclusively Hand wash with warm water and a material-specific detergent. Better often use a little detergent maintain as rarely with much detergent.
  • For coarse dirt with a soft brush and clear water is helpful. To clean the inner lining lukewarm soapy water is recommended. Then, carefully expressed with clear water with a sponge. dry products at room temperature.
  • Danger: Do not wash or spin in the washing machine. Incorrect cleaning the color and or the grip can be lost. 
  • TIPS ON LEATHER: In order to natural aging of the leather to prevent (formation of cracks, brittle surface, lessening the resistance or the water density, etc.) therefore recommended that treatment with our high-quality leather care.
  • The leather absorbs the fluid to instantly protect against Austrocknenund increases longevity and weather resistance. Only by taking proper care of the positive characteristics of the leather and the functionality can be maintained or improved.
  • It should be noted that the appearance of the original leather can make a difference by treatment with toiletries.
  • Of course we use produced leather materials. The leather is refined during the production of hand. This makes for a unique and exclusive look.
  • Possible irregularities in the material (color, surface) are deliberate and a sign of quality and authenticity.
  • We believe in our products. Especially the quality of workmanship, craftsmanship and materials selection are important criteria in order to complete a product. We guarantee the service life of each item against loss or damage on the intended use.

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        Part Number:- 7101975 0001

        Brand:- Hepco Becker Germany 


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