Kawasaki ZX 10R Levers - Long & Short Version (1pair)


Rs. 15,990.00 
SKU: 200-R17 + 200-L23R
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Triumph Tiger 800 Brake Lever Long & Short Version 

Clutch and Brake Lever, Long and Short Version

  • The right ergonomic shape, lever length and rounding-off provide the optimal combination for brake and clutch performance.
  • For all hand sizes, the positioning of the lever is adjustable in 6 different positions. The adjusting ellipse is supported with ball bearings.
  • The adjusting ­lever with its protruding top, is especially grippy and also allows adjustment during riding. The bearings of the lever mechanics are made from long-life brass. 
  • The standard version of the LSL lever is made to be accessed by the whole hand. The short version is best suited to well-functioning brakes and can accommodate a three finger grip.
  • Both versions comes with ABE.
  • Available in Various colours!


Tiger 800:- Onwards 2015

Part Number:-

    • Brake Long Version:- 200-R23R
    • Brake Short Version:- 200S-R23R
    • Clutch Long Version 200-L17
    • Clutch Short Version 200S-L17

Brand:- LSL