Kawasaki Z900 Protection - Axle Sliders


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SKU: L555K157SW

Kawasaki Z900 Axle Protection Kit

Axle Protection Kit

Front Axle Sliders aid in reducing damage to the front forks, brake calipers and brake discs in the event of a crash by keeping these core components off the tarmac and out of harm's way!

Each kit is tailored to each bike's specific axle length and diameter. As the slider wears down in a slide/crash, its high friction qualities help reduce the bike's speed.

  • For many sport models are axle protection kits in the same design as LSL Crash Pad available.
  • Fasten by screwing or clamping though hollow axles.
  • The kit comes incl. coloured balls.

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  • Black: L555K157SW

Brand:- LSL