Kawasaki Z 400 Ergonomics - Sidestand Enlargement

Kawasaki Z 400 Ergonomics - Sidestand Enlargement

Hepco Becker

Sidestand Enlargement

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Kawasaki Z 400 Sidestand Enlargement by Hepco Becker

When you are fully packed up on the bike or on an unstable surface the motorcycle threatens to sink easily on the side stand. The Side Stand enlargement protects your bike from the falls in such situations! 

A precisely shaped milled spreading plate, which is quickly screwed to the side stand. The part is made for the bike model and does not need any alteration.

  • Double the contact are of the side stand
  • Safely place the bike without worrying about it tumbling 
  • Oxidation-proof black anodised metal finish
  • Hepco Becker Engraving
  • 100% German made and designed


    • Hepco Becker, Germany