Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Protection - Radiator Guard

Cox Racing Group

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Radiator Guards for Ninja 1000 2019 by Cox Racing

Color In Stock:- Black, Titanium & Green

Cox Racing Group:- Radiator Guards are engineered so they are manufactured without welding. They are pro quality strength used for professional racing and street races alike. Something that will actually protect your radiator from a high speed oncoming debris.

  • Frames are cut from a sheet of .060 inch with 5051 aluminium.
  • The screen is .034 expanded aluminium.
  • Hard anodised every for a chip-free, tough finish!

Comes with the required mounting material:-

  • Zip tie it to the upper radiator straps and bolt to the lower radiator mount using the existing fastener.

Weight: 6 oz

SKU:- 113-11604 

SKU:- 113-11603

SKU:- 113-11606

Available color:- Black and Titanium
Colours on preorder:- Silver,Green, Blue and Gold