Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Protection - Axle Sliders


Rs. 3,900.00 
SKU: LSL 556K135SW

Kawasaki Ninja 1000  Axle Protection Kit Front & Rear 

Axle Protection Kit

  • For many sport models are axle protection kits in the same design as LSL Crash Pad available.
  • Fasten by screwing or clamping though hollow axles. The kit comes incl. coloured balls.

Contact us for more Colors:- 

Gold (...GO)
Green (...GR)
Orange (...OR)
Red (...RT)
Signal red (...SR)
Silver (...SI)
Titan (...TI)
White (...WT)
Yellow (...GE)

Part Number:-

  • Front  555K135
  • Rear  556K135

Brand:- LSL