Honda CBR 650F Ergonomics - Footpegs (Adjustable)


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SKU: LSL 114-H01
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Honda CBR650 F Adjustable Foot & Rear Peg Linkings Onwards 2014

Adjustable Foot Peg Linking

  • With this kit, sport riders and touring riders can ­improve their seating position. Both, a raised or a comfortably lowered position are possible.
  • The actual position is quickly adjusted with an Allen key, so you can change it on the fly if you choose so.
  • How it works: The adjustment allows for 8 individual positions around a radius of 25mm (1”) to create the perfect individual set up for you.

Part Number:- 

Front:- LSL 114-H01

Rear:- LSL 114-H02

Brand:- LSL