Honda Africa Twin Screen - Touring windshield "Vario"

MRA Windscreens

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MRA Screens / Windshields are perfect for adding wind protection to any naked sport, cruiser, dual sport and adventure bikes. They reduce wind pressure and turbulence with an advanced aerodynamic design.


  • The uniquely mounted spoiler is at its rear edge and without the use of tools they can be easily adjusted into seven positions to suit your (and your passenger´s) needs.
  • Positioned on the top ‘rear’ edge of the screen for maximum effect, the air current is spread out and slowed down, virtually eliminating turbulence. The result is airflow deflected away from the rider to allow a more relaxing, upright riding position, at high speed on long trips. Your passenger can also benefit from the improved airflow as the spoiler position can be adjusted to suit their needs too.
  • Most MRA screens have the lower part of screen printed Black to hide rear of instrument cluster



  • All screens are made of a specially modified PMMA thermoplastic construction.
  • The material is almost unbreakable. Nevertheless, should a break occur, the break lines will naturally be blunt.
  • The material is relatively unreactive to chemicals like petrol, alcohols or windscreen cleaner. Contact with braking fluid needs to be avoided.



  •  Yes
  •  560 (=OEM+110mm)
  •  400
  •  Variotouringscreen "VTM"

      Made in Germany!



      You can actually more or less see through all the screens. The exception being black (shadow-line): this colour is absolutely opaque.


      Different Types of Screens:-

      • The shape of the Original screen is, as the name says, modeled on the Original screen.
      • The Spoiler screen matches the Original but has a small break-away edge at the back end.
      • The Touring screen has the same form as the Original but has an added upwardly titled wind deflector across the width of the back end. This way the wind pressure is deflected from the upper body and makes relaxed driving possible, even on long journeys. With some models which have steeply inclined shields, the wind deflector is only designed as an extension and is not tilted upwards to avoid turbulence.
      • The Sport Screen "SP" is a shorter version of the Original screen and gives the motorbike/scooter a modern, sporty look.
      • The Racing screen was developed for racing and is used by many racing teams. The Racing screen matches the Original screen in the bottom part but has a dome-like raise in the middle. This way the helmet is freed from air pressure and the aerodynamics improved.

      Brand : MRA Windscreens