Honda Africa Twin Ergonomics - Tank Grips


Rs. 5,599.00 
SKU: TS 62-2021-SSD

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Techspec Tank Grips

Body and weight control are essential techniques with not only aggressive / performance riding, but also with sport / casual touring. By gripping the tank with your legs, you will improve overall control of your body motion, weight position and posture. Not only that during braking you have better stability during the stop

  • Increases/maintains control of weight/ body position.
  • Eliminates sliding.
  • Improves riding style.
  • Decreases body fatigue.
  • Protects tank from abuse.
  • Customized for functionally as well as creativity.

Made in USA


Snake Skin is a thin (.125") tank grip with a low profile diamond pattern. With these rubber padding properties, you will feel a positive grip into your tank and less pressure on your wrists, elbows and shoulders. Excellent product for all riders and uses our personal "Releasable Adhesive."