LED Helmet Light - Extreme Racer

Cyclops Adventure

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Helmet Extreme Racer LED Helmet Light Cyclops


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Single emitter design means lighter weight, more usable light, better beam patterns at a lower power draw, without the excessive glare. 

Dual chin mounted LED lights that produce a strong beam without light scatter and without excessive glare and particle feedback. Put the light where you need it, not in the tree tops!

  • Designed and manufactured by the Original helmet light producer.
  • Made in the USA

Technical info:-

  • Run time 2.5 hrs
  • 5500K temperature
  • Quick recharge
  • 12vdc compatible
  • 2 year warranty on light head 1 year on battery

    Includes 2 lights, 2 chin mounts, Y cord, Li-Ion battery and charger, 12V Dc bike supply wire & a storage case.



    • Can be ran from the included  lightweight battery or the Bikes 12V dc power supply.
    • All new chin mounts allow the lights to be adjusted to the perfect angle in all directions, without the glare common to top mounted helmetlights.
    • No permanent mounts stuck on your helmet
    • Can also be used with Go pro mounts (not included)
    • Low power draw means quicker recharges and longer run times at a very light weight package. The lightest helmet mounted light on the market.
    • Low profile and tucked in to keep from snagging branches etc.