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Headlight Styling Bracket - Headlight Ears (Stainless Steel)

Headlight Styling Bracket - Headlight Ears (Stainless Steel)

Rs. 15,990.00

LSL headlight brackets and clamps are made from high quality anodised billet aluminium. The offset between bracket and clamp allows an adjustment in width of up to 20mm therefore the kit can be used for different size head lamps and forks.

  • Machined Aluminium Anodised
  • With clamps at the slider tubes
Options 1
  • X = 90mm
  • Y = 94mm
  • 57mm clamps, black (...57)
  • 59mm clamps, black (...59)

Option 2

  • X = 90mm
  • Y = 94mm
  • 35mm clamps, black (...35)
  • 36mm clamps, black (...36)
  • 38mm clamps, black (...38)
  • 39mm clamps, black (...39)
  • 40mm clamps, black (...40)
  • 41mm clamps, black (...41)
  • 43mm clamps, black (...43)
  • 45mm clamps, black (...45)
  • 48mm clamps, black (...48)
  • 50/52mm clamps, black (...50/52)
  • 50/53mm clamps, black (...50/53)
  • 50/54mm clamps, black (...50/54)
  • 50/55mm clamps, black (...50/55)
  • 50mm clamps, black (...50)
  • 51/52mm clamps, black (...51/52)
  • 51/53mm clamps, black (...51/53)
  • 51/54mm clamps, black (...51/54)
  • 51mm clamps, black (...51)
  • 52/55mm clamps, black (...52/55)
  • 52mm clamps, black (...52)
  • 53/54mm clamps, black (...53/54)
  • 53/55mm clamps, black (...53/55)
  • 53mm clamps, black (...53)
  • 54/55mm clamps, black (...54/55)
  • 54mm clamps, black (...54)
  • 55/56mm clamps, black (...55/56)
  • 55mm clamps, black (...55)

Brand:- LSL Germany

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