HD XR1200 High Flow Aircleaner (Water repellent) Kit - PREORDER


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HD XR1200 High Flow Aircleaner (Water repellent) Kit :

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Performance air filter designed for the Harley Davidson XR1200 / XR1200X models.
  • The first true performance air filter specifically designed for the XR1200 that completely removes the original restrictive airbox.
  • The 65 mm diameter tubular stainless steel elbow is produced by a unique patented process that allows the use of thin walled lightweight (only 305 gr) construction.
  • The kit includes a well proven Sprint filter (water repellent) ‘Cone’ air filter, black finished tubular elbow manifold, Crankcase breather pipes, active intake valve emulator and required fittings.
  • Back to back dyno tests have shown a 4.6 CV (4.54 bhp) increase over the stock filter arrangement (tested using same bike, same dyno, same day, same operator).
  • Will fit all Harley Davidson XR1200 and XR1200X models.
  • In addition, the new filter is WATER REPELLENT! so you don't need the classic "sock" to protect in case of rain.
  • For this kit spare parts are available.
  • Quick and easy to mount does not require any modification.
  • Complete with everything needed for installation and complete with instructions.

Innovative material

  • Sprint Filter is the only patented water repellent filter that will prevent liquid substances from passing through, allowing it to be used in bad weather conditions.
  • The new P08 WP is a new concept air filter and was born in racing, presently used in World Championships Moto GP Moto 3, Superbike, Supersport and Superstock
  • Other filter materials tend to break (cotton) or with severe pressure falls (sponge)
  • There isn't another filter in the World built with this patented technology.

Maintenance free

  • P08 WP filter is practically free maintenance.
  • Cleanable just by compressed air from the motor side out and re-insert it in the airbox.
  • does not need washing or oil treatments to retain dust.
  • If maintained in the correct way, will last for the entire life of the bike and will no longer be necessary to replace it.
  • For more tech info see enclosed file and this: http://www.sprintfilter.net/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=236&Itemid=238