BMW R1200GS Plastics - Extenda Fender Rear


Rs. 4,990.00 
SKU: WL - 27760-200 / HB 420665-21
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Extenda Fender Back :

Normally, rain and dirt do easily fall on passenger, luggage and even on the back of the driver. But this height adjustable supplement closes this “gap” at the GS models. Furthermore, it is no problem to take the original splash guard off for Offraod use. Depending on the size of the license plate and the wish of the driver, the extension is infinitely variable. Especially for the GS, we have developed a new design, the reaches far to the back and "catches" the ascending beam more effectively.

Finally, an emblem frame was placed in the extension, where the enclosed orginal BMW emblem perfectly fits into. - Legal Notice: This product is not an Original BMW Part (except the emblem of course).

Thermoformed, light and virtually indestructible ABS plastic.

This product fits to :

  • R 1200 GS LC (2013 - 2016) ( 2017-)
  • RNineT (all)
  • F650/800 (all)