Excel Rims - A60 Series (Spoked)

Excel Rims

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Excel Spoked Rims - A60 Series 


The Super Cross Rims EXCEL A60 is the ultimate choice !

They are developed for top professionals & produced in limited quantities.

  • Unique aluminum alloy
  • Structurally 15% stronger than any other 'Takasago' Excel Rim series
  • A60 is NOT an Original Equipment Part: NO bike is originally assembled with A60 rims
      V-curve profile helps reducing mud buildup, keeping the bike lighter

Profile of A60 Series


  • Black with silver logo & pinstripe


  • 21" x 1.60
  • 19" x 1.85
  • 19" x 2.15
  • 18" x 2.15


  • 32
  • 36


  • Excel Rims, Japan


  • We order once every other month. Incase we dont have the right hole sizes we will get them in the next order cycle

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