Threaded mirror | Clubman - Silver/Black (pc)


Rs. 7,900.00 
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Clubman mirror Aluminium black & silver 

Clubman mirror

  • Classic round mirror machined from billet aluminium with European homologation
  • Mounted at M10x1.25 thread
  • Optional Yamaha/KTM Threading ( check part number)
  • Right or left version.
  • Dimensions: 100mm diameter mirror, see diagram

Part Number:- LSL 132SC01 XXX

Black left:- LSL 132SC01LSW
Black right:- LSL 132SC01RSW
Silver left:- LSL 132SC01LSI
Silver right:- LSL 132SC01RSI

YAMAHA & KTM Threading-

LSL 132SC01R-L-SW***

Black left:- LSL 132SC01R-L-SWLSW
Black right:- LSL 132SC01R-L-SWRSW
Silver left:- LSL 132SC01R-L-SWLSI
Silver right:- LSL 132SC01R-L-SWRSI

Brand:- LSL