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Brake Bleeding Kit - EBC Brakes - Motousher

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Brake Bleeding Kit - EBC Brakes

With the EBC Brakes® Brake Bleeding Kit, you can make the job of bleeding brakes at home by yourself easy and can be accomplished in minutes. Every 3-4 years, due to its being ?hygroscopic?, brake fluid absorbs water and loses it effectiveness. The water content requires a fluid change.
You will need to flush the old fluid out gradually by pumping the old fluid through the system and topping up the fluid reservoir with new fluid regularly, not letting the levels go below one third full so as not to draw air into your brake system. Gradually the new fluid will displace the old fluid and your system will be protected for another 3-4 years from corrosion and fluid fade or ?vapour lock? as it is known which is the enemy of effective braking.
Brake bleeder tool