BMW S1000XR Protection - ABS Sensor Guard


Rs. 1,900.00 
SKU: WL 41981 001

ABS-Sensor Protection :

Wunderlich ABS sensor protection

The ABS sensor is a sensitive component and is pretty exposed on the front wheel. A stone or branch thrown up can quickly damage or even completely destroy the sensor, which can result in extremely costly repairs. This ABS sensor cover closes the gap between the brake calliper and the front wheel bearings and prevents damage or the ABS sensor being ripped off. Small investment - big usefulness!

The facts:

  • Anodised aluminium
  • Simple assembly
  • Perfect fit and form-fitting
  • Reliable protection and secure hold
  • Available in a choice of silver or black
  • Supplied complete with all attachment hardware

This product fits to : 

  • S1000XR


  • Black WL 41981-002
  • Silver WL 41981-001


  • Wunderlich, Germany

Instruction Manual