BMW R1250GS Tank Bag - Magnetic Tank Ring

Hepco Becker

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BMW R1250GS Tank Bag  - Magnetic Tank Ring

The HEPCO BECKER tank ring for fastening tank bags is used for attaching tank bags to the motorcycle.

HEPCO BECKER calls the magnetic system tank bag ring as ‘Lock-it’

  • The problems associated with positioning the tank bag are eliminated by magnetic centering. So when you lock the bag the magnet pulls the bag in place
  • The side bulges attached to the magnets also mechanically secure the tank bag.
  • When the lock is released, by pulling the sting, the poles of the magnets release from the attachment.

The tank bag‘s base plate shields the magnetic field of the tank ring‘s two permanent magnets, so that credit cards and electronic devices cannot be damaged.


Hepco Becker Tank bags

  • Special powder coated metal tank rings
  • Uses two high power magnets which secure the tank bag on the ring

Brand : Hepco Becker

Part Number:- 5066513 00 09

Brand:- Hepco Becker Germany